Welcome here.

Hi there, New Wales is a new band from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and we’re excited you’ve found us. The impetus for starting this project was to hang out with good friends, more.

Sandy and I have spent a lot of time making music together and it seemed like a great way to force two thirty-somethings to hang out. It was, is, and will continue to be just that but we figured we should also start letting people hear what we’ve been working on, because we think it’s worth a listen.

We’ve been recording in our dear friend Matthew Harder’s backyard studio for the past few years and will start posting the songs as they come to (semi)completion. We’ve posted three for now. There’s a chance we’ll pull versions of songs down and replace them with new versions. When we do we’ll let you know (sign up for our newsletter if you’d like regular updates).

The songs are all written by me and Sandy and we’ve recruited Matthew Harder and Rob Mitchell to lend us their innumerable and exceptional skills.

Thanks again, hope you enjoy what we’ve made.